Here is the special gift for you!

Winter is here, the cold, humidity… time to think prevention from colds and flues.
1 pair of Energy Enhancer Lifewave patches will do, with Tan on LI 4 (left) and white on LU 9 (right).
Those points are the one to remember to stop a cold or a flue arriving, when nose start tickling!

Hangover protocol with Lifewave patches, to enjoy your holidays:
Energy Enhancer (tan patch) on left LV 3, Energy Enhancer (white patch) on right LI 4, and Glutathione patch on either right GB 8 or right GB 41

Drink  water. Patching is simple, just count the points with your fingers!
LV 3 is located between the big toe and next toe: follow the tendons to where the V comes together and that’s it.
LI 4 is I between the base of the thumb and index finger at the highest point of the flesh, when you make a losse fist.
GB 8 is at the side of the head, about a thumb’s width above the tip of the ear.
GB 41 is on the foot: follow the tendon of the little toe about half way towards your ankle.
LU is on the top of your hand. Follow your thumb down to the crease

B.Aslanis Training Team