We can use western massage to circulate the lymph, hand movement, pressure …. and, now PATCHES. Patches, how?

By holding them and sweeping meridians pathway according to the Dredging method, before placing them…. WOW!!!

Which patch combination would you use and which point for fast results of the lymphatic system?? Here, is the answer for you!

Aeon/tan IW on spleen 6 it’s a very good strategy. Also, the earth element points like spleen 9 and St 40 in addition. For night “brain balance” with Aeon Patch for high anxiety and silent night, work great on our sex hormones besides the production of melatonin!

Please understand, It’s important to exercise on a regular basis, even when we are on vacation. We can do our walking, swimming, sports or even having a therapeutic massage in order to help our lymphatic system work. Believe me; it’s worth it and it’s very important for our good health and beauty. Who would like to have a nice, sexy body? Well, we can do it!
The body’s lymphatic system is one of the most important parts of our detoxification systems. Simply, it’s the part of our body that gets rid of the toxins you got in the kidneys, the colon, the lungs, and the liver.
It’d be cool to find out which patch combination we can use to improve the lymphatic system to get some of the gut out of our bodies to improve our health! As long as we understand why. Right?
It’s very important to clear away waste products because if we got waste in our cells, we’d diminish the ability of the cells to function. In our words, our cells won’t get enough of nutrients properly in there and that’s alarming!
Lymph means, fresh – clear water and that’s what it does to the cells, it provides them with a fresh environment like fresh water and we all know the body is mostly water and the lymphatic system clears out the waste and provides that fresh water like environment.
The lymph doesn’t have a pump in order to work so it requires healthy movements like exercise in order to move properly and when we don’t sit around it becomes sanitary and the body can circulate properly. The symptoms are:
1. Brain fog. If toxins are accumulated around our cells then the brain won’t function properly.
2. Body Pain. It could be of blockages, inflammation, accumulations of the toxins, from congestion, and a collection of fluids, a kind of swollen .
3. Collection of fluid (swollen body). Not drinking enough water of drinking a lot of water but doesn’t have an effect and that contributes to swollen and not circulation.

Enjoy life in good health & beauty,