This is what Dr. Dennis Lobstein, says about Sunburn and glutathione.

The skin is the laregest organ of the body and it’s very important part of the immune sytem and it under the influence of the lung qui “lung energy” which regulates the protective qui, called “wei qui field”. So when the “wei qui” is strong, it protects us from the evel qui “bad energy” of coming in.

Wearing a glutathione patch, we reinforce our “wei qui field” and even prevent SUNBURN.
The acupuncture point GV14 (behind the neck) influences the young qui meridian of the upper part of the body.  In a few hours the redness, the itching, drying, pain, all clear up with a nice skin and a nice tan.

Also a carnosince patch is good but prefer putting it at night for repair.

You ought to try it and let us know how it works for you!

your friend,