I sat with my computer on my lap for about two hours this morning and then stopped for a while to do some other things I needed to do. When I went back to my writing, I decided to sit in a different part of the house just for variety. I chose a place that had plenty of light where I could look out the window. Simple little things like this cost nothing, but they are very valuable.
No day needs to be ordinary if we realize the gift of living. We have another day to live and enjoy. An extraordinary attitude can quickly turn an ordinary day into an amazing adventure. If we refuse to enjoy it, then it’s no one’s fault but our own.
I would like to suggest that you take responsibility for your joy and never again give anyone else the job of keeping you happy. Add a little variety to your life – break up your routine, do something different and so on.  Add some variety to your ordinary, daily routine, and expect a lot of blessings in your life. Make your ordinary … extraordinary!