Everyone who is truly successful in life has to deal with criticism. Sometimes criticism comes from people who do not understand what we are doing, cannot see the vision we see, or are jealous of our success. Sometimes criticism is legitimate but isn’t delivered in a helpful way. Learning to deal with it in a godly way is always a great testimony to people around us. Often, the best way to respond to criticism is to say nothing at all. But when you must respond, here are a few suggestions for handling it:

Don’t get defensive.
Don’t get angry or upset. Keep your peace, because peace brings POWER.
Don’t retaliate with criticism toward your critic.
Don’t assure your critic is wrong without being willing to examine yourself.
Don’t assume your critic is right and start feeling guilty.
Thank your critics, because they help you see things others wouldn’t.
You will be criticized that is life – but how you handle it is the big difference, my friend!