Today’s message is “ETHOS”.
Ethos is a great word with a deep meaning. Ethos means that you are going to be a person of integrity and authenticity, and what that means is what you say you do and you do what you say, there is no incongruence in your life. Now, that is a challenge for all of us because we are human and we therefore we fall short and what perseveres the integrity of Ethos in our lives is not that we are always perfect, but we are always honest and always vulnerable. When we miss the mark, we say we miss the mark and we strive to be get back to where we need to be, we strive to rise up to reach a high ethical challenge. And basically Ethos means living the Golden Rule, which means doing to others what you’d have them, do to you. The Golden Rule, it’s the one rule, the one principle accepted to all countries and all cultures, so is a challenge for all of us. It’s a high goal, it’s a high standard but we make this standard, we can live this standard and by doing so we’re saying that we want to live under this high standard ourselves.
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