Are you having a pity party? My dear friends, honestly and truly, we need to get more excited “I am expecting good news, today!” Some people may say: “ I am not used to it” Well, “GET USE TO IT, and form a habit of being excited each and every day” Here is the secret: “We don’t see how we feel and then decide, we decide because we own our feelings. We decide what we’re going to do and our feelings can catch up or not catch up, but I AM GOING TO DO IT whether I feel like it or not” Get it? Now you say “I wish I felt excited like you” Well, let me tell you when I got up this morning I walked sideways for 5 minutes, then I had leg cramps, I was all alone at home with computer problems and homework over my head from all those meetings I attended. Hello! Anybody home? boo hoo!