What areas of your life fill you with the most doubt? No problem, don’t shrink!

When an opportunity arises, carefully consider how it will affect your present duties before you commit. Do you have the passion and resources for it? Self-doubt causes a person to shrink back in fear. Fear controls people and pulls them back.

If we don’t trust ourselves, we can’t trust others for our success. We lose focus, directions, guiding and become a disappointment to all around. Of course, everybody makes mistakes. We can think we are going in the right direction and then discover we are wrong, but it’s not the end of the world, nor is it anything to become excessively concerned about.

If our hearts are sincere and we are honestly trying to invest in ourselves and others, even if we do make mistakes, we will get back on track without even realizing it, it’s the power from above that protects us. So, instead of always assuming we are wrong and living in the agony of self-doubt, I encourage you to believe that you have value and worth and you deserve to enjoy life by taking the first step of action. I believe we feel more confident when we look our best and take care of ourselves. Our change begins with us, let’s break free from other people’s expectations and stay confident in what we are called to be!